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I have a large bush that is too hard to cut with a handsaw. I don’t want anything too big or dangerous-just a nice easy to use electric saw. Can anyone recommend something?

If it’s a one off job, why don’t you just hire one

I have some Emerald Arborvitae (Thuja Occidentalis) trees that I just bought and haven’t yet planted. I want them to grow as quickly as possible.

Does anyone know if Miracle Grow works for trees, especially this type of tree, or if not, is there anything to do/use that would make this type of tree grow faster?

A word of caution. The first year plants struggle to get established, the second year may see a spurt of growth, and the third year they leap. You can not use a whole lot of fertilizer the first year or the second. You can use some the third. Next make sure that the surrounding area is free of grass for a couple of feet diameter so that the grass will not suck up the nutrients(saw this on a gardening show where the trees did not grow well with grass on their root structure). And last make sure your pH is good for plant growth, plants can not absorb nutrients if the pH is off. Miracle grow makes two kinds of fertilizer; regular and acid loving. Make sure you use the right one.

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I know because of trees we breath but how were they formed and why do they pair so much with our body’s…..Trees are here for a reason to allow us humans to live on this earth how did this all happen?

While it would be easiest to say that some one placed them here for our benefit, that may not be the case.

Life is relative to each other, and many animals form symbiotic relations on their own. Trees are not here for our benefit, nor are plants ‘made’ to be eaten. This can be seen in only 1% of their energy level being passed on to their consumer.

It is true, without the recycling of CO2 into O2, life that breathes O2 on our planet would not have lasted long, however this is just a fortunate side effect. If you really want true perspective of how important trees are, consider the Taiga. A frozen land where animal life does not exist, but plants still stand strong. This single area of our world is large enough, and the trees there produce so much Oxygen that they actually change the entire composition of our atmosphere.

Plant life in an area that won’t support animal life. Plants are merely here to grow and reproduce their genes. Nothing more, Nothing less.

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Need a pond plant to put in a pottery fountain. Only thing is the opening is only about 18 inches, so the plant will be right next to the fountain. I need a pond plant that does well in turbulent waters. Will papyrus work? Any other suggestions?

I have a pickerel rush and a horsetail right next to my waterfall. I also have actually grown parrot’s feather right in the waterfall. For potted plants, you’ll need to cover the soil with about an inch of gravel to keep the dirt from washing out. Use a solid pot, not one of those screen types.

Papyrus would probably do OK, as would graceful cattails or one of the cypruses.